August 18, 2022


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NASCO Part Sponsors Terrorists Boko Haram

NASCO alleged of Sponsored Boko haram – There is absolute silence in the house of the presidency since one of the journalists exposed Buhari to be among a terrorist group.


It’s been 4 days since David Hundeyin exposed NASCO and the origin of Boko Haram where he literally called our president a terrorist. 

Four days and no official response from the president or his media team. Just the usual silence and vibes.

This issues of David hundeyin acquiring Nigeria president of being among the terrorist group still remain on a low as nothing is said about it.

NASCO denied the allegations against her and said the company has nothing to do with sponsored terrorist group boko haram.


Once again for those at the back: Nigerian president

regularly cavorts with known terrorists like Yakubu Musa Katsina (2nd from right), who was arrested for setting up terror cells in Kano and Katsina in 2002. The messenger should not be people’s problem o. – David Hundeyin brings back the topic again.

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However there have been issues and past history surrounding this very trending issue.

According to report – Court sIttIng in Abuja on Friday, March 3, Z006, granted an application stopping and freezing I the financial and economic assets including business properties and things within Nigeria, I belonging to or associated with Ahmed Idris Nassreddin, Nastrade Nigeria Ltd and 3 other I 

companies in that Group. The asnts were accordingly forfeited to the Federal Government I of Nigeria in the interim. 

The Nigerian Department of State Services has also done considerable work in respect of I tracking down terrorists and freezing and/or seizing their asnts. It has set up Counter- I Terrwism Centres in Lagos, Kano, Maiduguri and Abuja to facilitate tts surveillance. 

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In 2005, the Service arrested six (6) local Taliban extremists returning from GSPC terrorist I 

Camp. The money in their possession was also seized. It had in 2002 fouled attempts by GSPC to establish terrorist cells in Katrina and Kane in Nigeria.

The leader of the network,Yakubu causa Kafanchan was arrested and prosecuted and money and equipment found in their possession confiscated. Similarly, the activities af Haruna Shahru, another agent of GSPC financing extremist and I 

terrorist activities by laundering proceeds from smuggled goods was detected and I dismantled. Several properties including technical equipment were seized and Mr. Shahru I arrested and detained. 

Another attempt in 2003 by another Taliban Group to set up Camp in Yobe State was dismantled. 

Banking secrecy and confidentiality has been abolished in Nigeria by virtue of Section 12(4) 

of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act 2774. 

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At the regional level, Nigeria has contributed greatly to operationalization of GIABA, the 

West African FATF style regional body, established to combat money laundering and terrorist 

financing in the sub-region.

Saharareport – stressed this by digging into the history from where the origin begins.

Why would the brand he built, which to many Nigerians evokes memories of a beloved childhood breakfast staple, appear in the same sentence as Boko Haram?

“To answer these questions, our story begins on another continent in 1955, some 8 years before his father would move to Nigeria and establish NASCO Group. 

The year is 1955, and a 33 year-old Islamic scholar from Gummi in modern day Zamfara State has made his way to Mecca for his first Hajj pilgrimage. Alongside him is a certain Ahmadu Bello, who is the Premier of Northern Nigeria. 

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