August 18, 2022


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Lagos Police Arrest 108 Suspect Naval Officers and Trainers

Nigerian Navy officers and training have been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command.

The police arrested officials and trainers at the Nigeria Navy camp in Ikeja.

A total of 107 suspects were arrested including the officer in command after the Police raided the camp.

Lagos State Police arrested Naval Officers

The suspect were arrested by police who patrolled and raid the Navy camp around 11am on Wednesday morning.

The police started that the camp was illegal and the operation in the camp was illegal as well. 

It wasn’t a surprise that this suspect was easily arrested as they were not with ammunition or anything to defend themself during the arrest.

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Aside, the illegal Navy camp in Ogudu-Sanfield having its commanding chief in officer, the police who raided the camp found several military accoutrements.

including camouflage badges of ranks, a flag, a signboard and ID cards. 

It was a surprise that this camp also function like other force camp in Nigeria as they offer candidates admission, promotion letters and award letters.

Speaking to one of the suspects, she claim that she wasn’t aware that the Nigerian Navy camp was illegal which she has been confirmed to be a training there for over 6month.

She continued that she did all registration online and was recruited into the Nigeria Navy, and not until the police arrest she wouldn’t have known it was an illegal Navy Camp

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She was only waiting for the federal government to answer the camp by providing them with rifles before they were arrested l.

Other items recovered from the camp include recruitment letters, promotion letters, a portrait of the commanding officer, two motorcycles, cutlasses, criminal charms and other items.

The commanding officer of the camp, Dakare, said, “We just got small shanties where we can relax; we have no block, we have been there for over 

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The commanding officer of the illegal Navy Camp, Dakara said the camp has been recruiting themselves over and waiting for the Federal Government to help them with rifles and other items before arrest.

Dakara, the commanding officer of the Nigeria illegal Navy camp continued, “Just like civil defence, we have been waiting for the Federal Government; we have done first and second reading and the third reading is on, so we are waiting; that was why we gathered ourselves there.”

Nevertheless, the CP told Nigerians to be wary of illegal armed forces in uniform. 

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