August 18, 2022


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Chinwetalagu Arrest By Military Officers

One of Nigeria’s celebrities , actor chinwetalagu was arrested by soldiers. chinwetalagu arrest was a shocking one.

Chinwetalagu arrest

It was said that he was right beside a van, where he was buying ten thousand naira bread before chinwetalagu arrest. The military officers came to harass him and then took him away to the barracks.

Chinwetalagu, the Nollywood Actor was wearing a Biafran colored dress which symbolizes the biafran flag. This happens few days after Late Dora Nkem Akunyili Husband J.Chike Akunyili Death.

A colour mixture of red, black and green. However the man stated that he is accused of wearing a cloth that belongs to him which means nothing or a symbol of biafran.

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However, there are other citizens of who stated that can’t a person where anything different from the normal wears if they feels like?

And even if it is a symbol of Biafran, can’t a citizen of the country demonstrate their right?

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How does the dress amount to breach of peace or constitute threat to NIGERIA’S territorial integrity? This is madness and executive rascality taken too far.

While there are other major issues and disputes to settle in the country, while boko haram are busy killing innocent people, the military are busy doing the opposite by harassing harmless civilians.

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